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  • Model: OB6-17
  • Commercial name: Stainless Steel Open Burner Free Standing
  • Power supply: LPG
  • Number of burner: 2
  • Dimension:  906 x 790 x 350
  • Gas Consumption Btu/Hr: 120000
  • Weight 73 kg

Product Description

  • Product Name: Stainless Steel Open Burner Free Standing (OB6FS-17)
  • Full stainless steel constructed body, hygienic and easy to keep clean.
  • Removable cast iron top grate.
  • Drip pan is easily to removable and cleaning.
  • Free standing designed
  • Even heat high input 20,000 Btu burners or 21.00 MJ.
  • Precision brass valving.
  • Automatic piezo ignitor.
  • Stand by manual lighting holes.

Question and answer customers

Process of Industrial Kitchen System construction for restaurants, hotels ... of Toan Phat?

Toan Phat will perform the following steps:

  • Site survey & actual measurement area will be installed.
  • Receive general layout from customers.
  • Consulting unified construction plans with customers
  • Estimating, designing and rendering 3D (if necessary) to customers
  • Edit the layout, the plan to unify according to customer requirements
  • Sign the contract
  • Production & import
  • Installation of smoke exhaust, delivery of drainage ditch
  • Delivery, put the device into position
  • Conducting construction – installation of the project
  • Acceptance of works
  • Project completion & handover, user manual & operation of equipment
  • Warranty, maintenance, repair & customer care

Ways to buy from Toan Phat?

  • Buy directly in the showroom: Customers can go to Toan Phat kitchen equipment showroom at 210 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 6, District 3 to buy appliances.
  • Call the hotline: You can view the product information on the website www.toanphatcorp.vn & call the hotline 08 9838 9838 for advice on quotes and buying instructions.

Toan Phat's commitment to quality of products and services?

At Toan Phat we are committed to the quality of products – services as follows:

  • Imported goods: Imports genuine, with clear origin papers.
  • Manufactured products: Quality control of products, materials, and designs suitable for each product.
  • Components: Genuine, reserved for quick troubleshooting of equipment.
  • Delivery – installation: By a team of skilled professionals & good techniques, well-trained & experienced.
  • About advice: Correct enough appropriate products, as well as design tailored to customers.