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Hunter Douglas Indochina Company Limited

Hunter Douglas Indochina Company Limited is a member of Hunter Douglas Group, the leading architecture group from Europe, specializing in providing comprehensive architectural solutions for the project. With the achievements and experiences achieved over 100 years of establishment and development, we are committed to always bring the best products and services. Combining the experience of a global enterprise with local knowledge, Hunter Douglas Indochina is currently a leading company in the field of architectural products and installation of products manufactured by the company at the request of customers. line. Our products are present in almost all major projects nationwide such as airports, hotels, convention centers, gymnasiums as well as the most luxurious villas in Vietnam. 132 subsidiaries in over 100 countries, with 22,500 employees worldwide. In Vietnam, there is a factory in a large industrial park: Song Than 3, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong province.

As a large-scale factory with thousands of employees, to ensure efficient performance one of the business concerns is to ensure the full health of employees. In order to meet the demand, Toan Phat became a design and construction contractor for the kitchen system of Hunter Douglas Indochina Co., Ltd. With simple design, comfort and large capacity kitchen appliances, modern and parallel, it is a good deodorizing system to bring more comfortable dining space in the factory.

The kitchen equipment produced by Toan Phat always upholds good quality, bringing comfort and convenience to customers. With high quality 304 stainless steel material used in many production of industrial kitchen equipment. Thus, these devices are easy to clean, not rust, ensure safety for food cooked inside, not harmful to human health. In addition, materials and accessories for production of A Toan Phat kitchen equipment are imported from Japan, Korea, Taiwan … to ensure quality, extend product life.

With many years of experience in the field of design – construction of kitchen systems, bar systems for restaurants, hotels, companies, … Toan Phat is always ready to answer and meet all needs of cutomer. We always welcome new partners for new projects.

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