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Highland Coffee Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong province

Highland Coffee is probably a brand that is no stranger to young people, we will encounter a lot of Highland shops in all directions with a red signboard with white letters and the whole bean in the middle. How familiar and close! From love to Vietnam and passion for coffee, Highlands Coffee brand was born in 1999 with the desire to increase the long-standing coffee heritage of Vietnam and spread the spirit of pride, harmonious connection between communication system with modern. Through a long way, Highland Coffe has constantly brought delicious and delicious coffee products in a comfortable and polite space. Coffee cups are not just a familiar drink but also a cultural mission that reflects a part of the modern lifestyle of Vietnamese people. Besides the delicious coffee cup Highland also serves customers with familiar cakes such as bread, tiramisu, greasy cheesecake.

It is a pleasure for Toan Phat to be a bar-kitchen contractor for one of the branches of Highland coffee in the South, which is located at 1 Tran Hung Dao, P. Phu Cuong, Thu Dau Mot and Binh. Ocean. Still a familiar rustic café space of the coffee brand, at Highland Thu Dau Mot is equipped with modern equipment for the bar area and the kitchen provided by Toan Phat company easily in cooking and mixing operations. more prepared. With devices imported from major brands interwoven with Toan Phat’s equipment made of high-quality stainless steel 304, Highland coffee Thu Dau is the most satisfaction.

Toan Phat with many years of experience in the design – construction industry installs the bar – kitchen system, gas system for restaurants, hotels, companies, … Coming to Toan Phat customers are always welcome , enthusiastic advice, attentive service, and always be satisfied with the quality of Toan Phat’s products. In 10 years in Toan Phat industry has received a lot of compliments and trust of customers. Hopefully in the future, Global Development will welcome more partners.

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