Deep fryers are industrial kitchen equipment commonly used in skewered restaurants, bars, and fast-food chains. The demands and purposes of these deep fryers are variable and essential. They are often used to prepare dishes such as fried chicken drumstick, fries, fried tofu, fried spring rolls, etc.

With this deep fryer, the dishes are fried double-sided without wasting oils. With its deep storage, the food will be fried evenly and will save your cooking time.

Another good reason to choose a deep fryer is the design. These industrial fryers bring high aesthetics as well as making the kitchen space more luxurious and modern. Deep fryers are easy to assemble, help you to clean and sanitize after use easily.


According to structure and capacity:

Individual/ Single deep fryer:

Only one compartment which is suitable for family kitchens or street-side food stores.

Double deep fryer:

Multiple large compartments with high capacity that can fry various types of foods at the same time. Each compartment has its independent controller for restaurants, hotels, and commercial kitchens.

Deep fryer with a stand:

It can be an individual deep fryer, or electric or gas-based double fryers, which are designed to add an extra stand without using additional support. The stand part can be used as storage, or you can integrate a spare oil filter, gas tank, etc.

According to the fuel:

Electric deep fryers:

Fuel-used is much more saving than gas, easy to control during cooking. Electric deep fryers have been a perfect solution for every restaurant, especially fast-food chains.

Gas-powered deep fryers:

Gas-powered deep fryers can be easily moved by its neat design with a gas cooker underneath and frying tray above. Gas-powered deep fryers use more fuel than electricity but are suitable without an electricity source. These fryers are quite proactive and flexible when the electricity source at your facility is unstable, or there is a power failure. So no worries if you want to relocate or you lose the power. Just bring the gas tank, then the location will not be a problem. This is the superiority of gas-powered deep fryers compared to electric deep fryers.


  • Industrial deep fryers have a simple design; the frame is made of 304 stainless steel with high corrosion resistance, easy for operation, and durable. Except for the heat bar which must be changed after long-time use, the rest of the deep fryers are mostly not rust.
  • The fryer’s wall is designed with two layers of stainless steel and foam insulation in the middle, limiting the heat loss causing electric consumption, and preventing accidental touches.
  • The custom temperature knob is simple to use. With automatic shut-off function when the fryers are overheated, the food will not burn out and help save fuel consumption.
  • Oil tank lid helps avoid dust, bacteria, bugs, etc; It also helps maintain leftover oil safely and effectively. When users need to extend frying time, the lid will help avoid heat loss and prevent splashing.
  • Frying baskets are made of premium stainless steel with a large capacity: Instead of taking the food out when the frying process is done, with a frying bucket, all you need is lifting it out of the oil. The handle is plastic-covered to avoid heat. The deep fryer also has a stand to hang the basket, helping drain the oil faster.
  • Modern frying technology with heating bar: It is bent to heat up quickly. When the appliance is plugged in, the heat bar makes the oil heat up faster. When buying fryers, our tip is to notice the quality of the heat bar. The cleaner heat bar is (no mottled spot), the more durable and safe it is.
  • Some models are equipped with faucets at the bottom, very handy for the kitchen’s cleaning. You only need to carefully flush the water into the frying basket and rinse the water inside with that faucet.


Convenient size

The deep fryers are quite compact, so they can be placed on the kitchen tables, or right at the counter without taking up much space. The weight is too heavy, so it is easy to clean and move.

Easy to use

The deep fryer is equipped with a temperature control system similar to most other fryers. Therefore, with one step, adjusting the knob to the level you want, waiting for the oil to heat up and start to fry the food fully. Super easy and handy. The control panel is designed with only two lights and one knob to adjust the temperature during frying. When the green light is on, it indicates that electricity has been plugged. The red light means the heat bar is working. When starting to use it, turn the knob to your desired temperature, and when that temperature reaches, the red indicator light will turn off.

Safe and Economical

Equipped below the heat section is a safety switch to make sure the fryer only works when everything is all set safely. If the heat source is placed off from the oil tank, this safety switch will not turn on. This helps reassure everything before frying, avoid any cooking failure. Fryer’s capacity is specified clearly by the manufacturer. However, when reading this information, please don’t conclude that the fryer will consume lots of electricity. The deep fryer is designed to adjust the temperature when it reaches its required heat automatically, and it will only turn on again when the oil has thoroughly cooled down. With this technology, you will save a lot of money on monthly electric bills.

Hygiene and Food Safety

The deep fryer is made entirely of stainless steel with anti-rust and heat resistance, so it does not deform at high temperatures. Moreover, you can easily clean the fryer every day and not spend much time cleaning. Besides, every fryer is equipped with a lid to prevent oil splashing, ensuring safety and cleanliness.

Affordable and Reasonable Price

This is one of the reasons why deep fryers become popular. Toan Phat is a reliable distributor that offers a variety of deep fryers models with very competitive prices and enthusiastic customer service, bringing the best services and affordable prices for customers. Consumers have confirmed our products for quality; after a long time of operation, our air fryers do not create any damage or other incidents.


  • Deep fryers should be placed in a flat surface, airy space, to avoid a precarious surface since the heat source creates high temperatures.
  • Deep fryers should be placed at your hand level for easy control.
  • Regularly clean the fryer to ensure hygiene and food safety.
  • Clean the kitchen daily to prevent bacteria from the food.
  • Avoid frequent contact with corrosive substances or salt to extend fryer’s life
  • Please contact Toan Phat’s technical department for timely treatment if any abnormalities are found during the use of deep fryers.


Toan Phat is a unit specializing in importing and distributing frying lines of companies such as Berjaya – Malaysia, Sirman, Modular – Italy… The fryers products supplied by Toan Phat have high durability, good quality, stable temperature to ensure the cooking process in the restaurant is convenient and easier than ever.

In addition, on-site delivery & installation services by experienced technicians, plus guiding customers how to use and clean the product properly help keep products durable and the best quality. 139/5000
Toan Phat understands that the continuous and long-term operation of restaurant kitchen equipment is very important in the business process of customers. We always focus on the fastest after-sales maintenance service, genuine parts are available to help resolve any product problems in the shortest time for customers.


* Products of high quality, clear origin.

* We provide thoughtful installation, installation and delivery services.

* Warranty products and quick maintenance, genuine parts.

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