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The advantage of European kitchen equipment is saving time and convenience. Designed according to industrial design, made of 304 stainless steel, it is easy to clean and clean the device. Combining a lot of throats on the same kitchen also saves costs for owners of restaurants, hotels, and restaurants.

Toan Phat is proud to be one of the prestigious units in the field of import and distribution of European kitchen equipment from Italy, Germany, Malaysia … European kitchen equipment products provided by Toan Phat ensure the source Clear original origin, European quality standard, thoughtful maintenance warranty.

The equipment supplied by Au Toan Phat kitchen now includes:

– European kitchen 2 throat has stand feet OB 2SFS BERJAYA, OB 2SFS

– European kitchen 4 throat burning with oven DRO4L BERJAYA, BERJAYA OB4,

– European kitchen 6 throat with oven DRO6L BERJAYA, BERJAYA OB6

… And many other European kitchen appliances

The reasons for choosing Toan Phat’s European kitchen equipment

– Being a prestige unit in the field of providing industrial kitchens for restaurants, hotels and other retail distribution units in Vietnam

– Competitive price in the market. Support installation, good warranty. Enthusiastic and experienced staff

Please contact Toan Phat for advice & best quotation: 0898389838 – 0905915679 or email kien@toanphatcorp.vn

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