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Asian kitchen appliances are industrial kitchen appliances commonly used in Asian restaurants such as Asian, Asian, Asian and Asian (Asian pressure cookers, wok, kitchen cookers), single double stoves (broths). , low basement), steamed kitchen (steamed seafood, steamed vegetables, steamed rice), Dim sum stove, fryer, grill, rotary kiln …

Asian kitchen equipment produced by Toan Phat with high quality 304 stainless steel material. Stainless steel 304 is widely used in the manufacture of industrial kitchen equipment. Thus, these devices are easy to clean, not rust, ensure safety for food cooked inside, not harmful to human health. In addition, materials and accessories for production of A Toan Phat kitchen equipment are imported from Japan, Korea, Taiwan … to ensure quality, extend product life.

Toan Phat is a unit specializing in manufacturing and supplying Asian kitchen equipment of high quality, most competitive price in the market. For every product purchased at Toan Phat, you always get the best benefits: prompt, prompt warranty; design consultancy and installation …

To choose the right product, suitable for your usage needs, you can call or go directly to the Toan Phat showroom to consult the product before deciding to buy.

Please contact Toan Phat for advice & best quotation: 0905915679 – 0898389838 or email kien@toanphatcorp.vn.

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